PAVILION • 10 SEPT 2021 • 16:00

ACROSS ME: presentation and preview screening of a swimming journey across the Adriatic Sea

A man looks at the horizon, on the beach, at dawn. He contemplates the immensity in front of him, asking the sea to welcome him. There is no fear in his face, only humility: he knows that the sea demands respect, just as he knows that what he is about to do has never been attempted before. This is how ACROSS ME begins, a docufilm that tells the story of Andrea Pelo di Giorgio, ultrathlete, mental coach and activist who in the summer of 2021 swam across the Adriatic, covering the 140 km between Pula and Cervia in just over 3 days. The intimate narration of a man’s desire to make his dream come true is accompanied by the crescendo of the original soundtrack, written by Don Antonio, that replaces words with great delicacy in the description of sensations, landscapes and state of minds. ACROSS ME is directed by Mattia Alberani and Gianmarco Sisti, making their debut in an international festival, and produced by FREE EVENT.


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